Virtual Cables and Advanced Audio Setups

Virtual cables are a free way to extend your streams audio capability, by offering you a simple yet advanced set of features to control different sound sources independently, such as games, alerts, discord and more.

In this guide, we will look at how to easily control your Desktop and Discord audio separately.


We suggest using Voice Meeter which is donationware, meaning you can choose to support the development with your money or download it for free. This software also installs with one Virtual Input that you can use for your stream.

Note: All ads in this article will in part be donated to the development team at VB-Audio the creators of Voice Meeter.

Setting up your second Virtual Cable

While Voice Meeter does come with one pre-installed Virtual Cable, we will need to install one more so that we can separate your OBS and Discord sound channels. Doing this will give you further control over your audio levels.


Head over to VB-Audio again and install the Virtual Audio cable, make sure to extract this download into a folder and run the proper version as administrator. (Probably x64)

Download Voice Meeter

Setting up voice meeter involves a couple of different steps, but stay with us and follow them in order, and you'll be a pro in no time!

First, you'll want to head over to the Voice Meeter Download page if you haven't already, and download that software. You'll need to restart your computer to finish the installation, then come back here and continue where you left off.

Now that you have the application downloaded it's crucial to understand precisely how Voice Meeter will integrate into your workflow. Take a look at the flowchart below.


Getting Started

First, let's setup your System Playback device. This will help OBS to connect to your Voice Meeter software.

You can do this by right-clicking your speakers and choose Playback Devices


Find your Cable Input and set it to the default device for your system.


After that, head back over to Voice Meeter and select A1 from Hardware Out, then choose your headphones. Make sure you select the one beside MME for the best quality.


Finally, we need to setup your OBS Output, which will go on that new virtual audio cable we installed.

Click the A2 from Hardware Out, then choose "Cable Input" from the dropdown list.


Discord Setup

Now we get to the fun, and surprisingly easy, part of the process!

First, open up your Discord Client and head to your user settings. (The cog beside your username)


Find "Voice & Audio," then select the "Output Device" drop-down and select our friendly Virtual Audio Cable; VoiceMeeter Input (VB-Audio VoiceMeeter VAIO).

Then click save, and that's it! Now you can control the volume of your Discord sounds with this volume scale.


Make sure you've enabled this Virtual Cable to play through your headphones by toggling the A (Referring to A1) output button.

Adversely, the B refers to the Hardware Out A2 output, which we have set to our OBS.


OBS Setup

Halfway done; let's quickly setup OBS to get the audio from our Voice Meeter software.

Start by opening up your OBS Software and choose Settings from the right-hand side.


Then, choose the Audio Tab and select the Desktop Audio Device and make sure to set it to Default.


That's it! OBS is now ready to be used with Voice Meeter. 😅


Now you can easily control the output volume of Discord on your stream, including the ability to mute all your friends for just yourself or your just stream.

Above I showed you how to control the volume output for Discord, along with using the A/B buttons to disable and enable Discord Volume for either yourself (A) or OBS (B)

You can also independently adjust the volume for your Headphone by adjusting the left volume slider, and the audio for the stream by using the right volume slider.



Using Virtual Cables and Voice Meeter can help you have a better sounding stream by enhancing your ability to preview and fine-tune separate components.

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