The Importance of YouTube Tags

Getting your video into the recommended can be a fierce uphill battle, and while there are many small things you can do to increase your chances of getting your video to the top. One of the most overlooked ways merely is your video tags.

Some things to note about tags

  • Misleading tags such as Logan Paul, Pewdiepie, Jake can get your video taken down and possibly result in your channel terminated without warning. It's vitally important that you keep your video tags relating to whats prominently featured in your video.
  • Profanity or use of sensitive topics will get your video age restricted and possible demonized. Avoid tags such as Fuck, death, hate, crime, drugs these tags in context it may make sense, but YouTube is not checking the context.
  • Short-tailed tags such as Xbox, Review, 2017, Unboxing often hurt your videos overall performance as these are heavily used and often abused tags. Try using longer tags that support your content such as Xbox 2017 Review, Xbox Unboxing, New Xbox Unboxing think of ways a user may want to search for your video.

How to find the best tags

If you're having trouble thinking up more extended tags, just think of how you might search for content you are looking for online. Perform some search of your own and see the videos that show up alongside it, using extensions like Social Blade you can inspect these videos to see what tags they are using. Don't just copy these tags, use them as they relate to your video.

Google has many tools you can use for brainstorming up tags for your videos, such as the Keyword Planner

You can even use things such as the "Google Auto-complete feature" to see what searches are similar to yours. google-search