Streamlabs OBS: Part 1 (Install, Login and Setup)

Streamlabs OBS is possibly one of the best programs to grace humanity. It was the most ambitious crossover event in history... except maybe Infinity War. With it brought the integration of Streamlabs' web-based overlay editor into OBS without having to open it up in the browser. In this guide, we'll take a look at installation, log in and application setup.


First, head over to Streamlabs to grab the installer for SL-OBS.

Keep in mind the download for this file is about 250 MB, once it's downloaded go ahead and open it up! You'll need to accept the long-winded but thorough Agreement and choose the install location once you go to the next installation step.

After you selected where it's going and click onwards it'll tell you that it's installed! Congrats! Now it's time to go to the next step.

Authenticating and Logging in


SL-OBS stands apart from regular OBS mainly because it allows you to login to Twitch, Youtube or even Mixer and gets rid of the need to painstakingly go to the website and copy your stream key! Go ahead and choose whichever one you use and we'll move on to the fun stuff.

Setup (Roll the eyecandy πŸ‘€)

Now that you've gotten the program downloaded and ready to go, let's check out what it has under the hood and what fun stuff you can do with it!


If you've downloaded this for the first time, Streamlabs will pop up a bunch of tips on what elements and features you can use on your livestream, but read those on your own time because we're skipping those until the next part (soonβ„’ as Discord likes to say)
Now, you've come across this screen. What next?

(So elusive. So mysterious.)

Side note: to set up your streaming settings and maximize your quality and performance, check out our other guide right here! However, SL-OBS has slightly (By slightly I mean the new game aware feature[1]) different quality settings, but the guide should teach you the basic quality settings you absolutely have to know!

The one thing that you need to know is that there are three different tabs that OBS doesn't have.



  • The Dashboard, which lets you enable and customzie any and all of the Streamlabs elements. (I'll elaborate on each one in next post)!



  • The Themes page allows you to skip the Dashboard and select a pre-made theme curated by the Streamlabs community that can be themed to a specific game, or to one particular color scheme you want!

  • The Themes are proprietary and hard to customize but there's a lot to offer so there's a big chance that you won't find two streamers using the same config!



  • The Live tab takes you to a smaller preview of your stream with the mixer and scenes menu from the Dashboard and... the fabulous tab list.


Those tabs in the Live Tab include:

  • Recent Events (lists new stream interactions, for example, follows and donations),
  • Redemptions (if you have the Streamlabs Twitch plugin)
  • Music Player (if you have song requests enabled)
  • Polls & Giveaways (to engage your users or reward them)
  • Live Actions (which allow you to roll credits or spin a randomizer wheel)

Additional Settings


In the top right of your program there is the 🌚-🌞 ticker which switches SL-OBS between the dark and light modes, Bug Report where you can report issues to the Streamlabs team, Discord, where you can join their official server, and Settings which we will talk about in the next post!


Overall, we learned a lot about SL-OBS. How to get it, how to get into it, and what it has to offer over OBS! Hopefully, you learned something new today, and be sure to stay tuned for the next part.

  1. Click here to go to the Streamlabs Blog's Game Aware article that explains what the feature entails! β†©οΈŽ

Samuel S

Samuel S is a streamer, gamer, video editor and graphic designer from British Columbia, Canada. He loves sandbox games, chilling out with friends and wasting 80% of his day on Discord.