Boost your stream Quality

Need help choosing the perfect stream Quality? You've come to the right place!

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when upgrading your stream quality including your Encoding Power, Upload Speed and what video quality you are aiming to achieve. We will go over these in more detail below to help you get the perfect quality for your next stream.

Encoding Power

Most broadcast software (OBS, XSplit, Wirecast, Etc.) have encoding pre-sets ranging from Very Fast (Less Power) to Slow (More Power), typically the more processing power you put towards encoding your stream, the better the quality will look for your viewers. Presets are one of the best options to improve visual quality, even more then bitrate, especially when you are streaming high motion video such as action gameplay.

However, encoding is incredibly taxing on your computer hardware, as it requires more and more of your CPU Usage as you choose slower presets. When selecting a preset, we suggest opening up your Task Manager and streaming a high motion game, keep an eye on your OBS and how much CPU usage it's using.


You will want to keep your entire CPU load under 85% otherwise you may risk dropping frames, or worse, damaging your CPU.

Tip: Right-click your taskbar and choose "Task Manager" to quickly open your Task Manager.

Choosing your bitrate

Bitrate can be a tricky thing to wrap our heads around at first, however, instead of me typing out a long explanation, here's an excellent description by Tom Scott.

Your bitrate is the amount of data that you want to send out when you are streaming, which means you need to have the upload speed to support it.

First, get an ethernet cable and plug it in. It doesn't matter how close you are to your wifi router it's not going to be good enough for streaming. Most users who experience issues with streaming, such as frame drops and connection issues stream using their wifi.

Now, we need to do an upload test on your internet to see what speed we can achieve. Before we can start, make sure no one is streaming on your net and close any unneeded tabs. website

Head over to and click on the Upload test located right in the middle of the page.

Speed test example gif

After that, you will need to choose "Test Upload Speed" at which point your browser will reload and refresh a couple of times. Don't be alarmed; this is what an accurate speed test looks like.

Speed test finishd example

Once the upload test has finished; detailed statistics of your upload test will be displayed in your browser. However, the number we are interested in is the Upload speed shown at the top in Mbps.

Take this number and times it by 1,000 - in other terms, as our number is 5.2 it will become 5,200 which will give us our total upload speed in Kbps, which is the same bitrate measurement that most broadcast software use.

Keep in mind, it's not a good idea to stream right at your maximum upload speed as doing so will usually result in connection issues and frame drops as your stream struggles to get past your Mom checking the news.

To avoid this it's best that we only use about 75% of your total upload speed, luckily we are going to save you from doing the math. Take that number we had before and enter it in below to get the maximum stream bitrate you should use when streaming.

Perfect Bitrate Calculator

Video Quality

Your resolution and framerate are an essential player in the quality of your stream; however, they aren't as good at improving the quality beyond the size of the video itself. Now that you know your Bitrate and Encoding power it's time to choose a resolution for your stream; here are our top 4 choices.



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